“Naked Views” is a cultural initiative that stands for a tolerant, cosmopolitan Europe and opposes the shift to the right-wing populists in Europe. The aim is to encourage people to take part in the EU elections on 23-26 May 2019 and to give their vote to the parties that are in favour of a common Europe and that must by no means be the right-wing activists.

The aim is to connect people with the main EU information platforms so that they can easily get an overview themselves. Many people still do not understand how important the EU is for all of us. Our laws, our consumer rights, our civil rights and also some important human rights are created in the EU. How much we benefit from this community can only be seen when you have lived outside the Union or spent some time outside Europe.

Of course, there are a few things to criticize and bureaucracy is still a big problem, but hey – we are the biggest unified project in history and started less than 80 years ago! The EU brought us together and, for example, paved the way for peace between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Since then it has been a guarantor of peace on this continent.

NOT going to vote means taking away from yourself the greatest power you have to change things!

Every vote counts! Really every single vote counts against the right-wing activists and anti-democratic tendencies, which are moving closer and closer into the limelight. If we let them win, we will have no more Europe. Then it is a matter of time before we have to experience war again.

We want to live in a world in which we can move freely, live and work freely, in which we do not have to spend money on money exchange. We want to live in a united world.

Our cultural diversity makes us richer and helps us to develop a broader understanding of other cultures and ways of thinking. We benefit from each other.