Unit€d Vision

Visionary Donation petition to all Europeans against right-wing populism.

Naked Views donation campaign „United Vision” is:

a visionary appeal to all Europeans to donate only 1€ per person. (not a singel cent more)

These €uro’s show first and foremost that we as European citizens believe in our European values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the constitutional state and the protection of human rights.

These Euro’s signal to the rest of the world how fast we as Europeans can send a signal against the right-wing populists, who want to destroy Europe.

These Euros’ symbolize the vision of a common Europe and our solidarity.

Everyone should be part of this unity, under the motto:

Inspire, Involve =

The donation also supports “Bath Interviews” our YouTube Channel, where we ask politicians in the bathtub questions on Europe – wet and personal – in our very own artistic way!

Your help enables us to bring politics closer to people in a different way & to inspire them for Europe!

We want Europe to remain as a unity - You too?

Please donate only 1€ now!