Who are we?

We are fresh, provocative and want to send a strong signal against the shift to right-wing populism in Europe.

With our awareness campaign via YouTube, our countdown campaign on Instagram and our United Vision appeal, we hope to inspire as many people as possible.

The name Naked Views derives from the fact that all our ideas were born in the bathtub. We want to bring politics closer to people in a different light. We want to make politics much more personal – wet, humorous and courageous, in order to loosen up the dusty political issues and make them more tangible.

Our team consists of a colourful bouquet of doctors, trade fair operators, a project manager, social media gurus, camera and sound people, a post producer, a marketing business consultant, IT specialists, editors, lawyers, photographers and a stylist. In addition, there are countless other Friends & Family contributors who support us with all their heart.

We are constantly growing and looking forward to receiving support and encouragement. Please contact us un-bureaucratically via e-mail or telephone if you are interested in helping out.

  • Katharina
  • Kyra
  • Thomas
  • Sandra
  • Franziska
  • Boe
  • Mathias
  • Dominik
  • Florian
  • Lesley
  • Birgit
  • Tom
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  • Eva
  • Martin
  • Heinz
  • Wolfram
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